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I received my master's degree at St-Lucas School of Arts in 2008 after which I worked at several agencies in Antwerp and for a short while at the local museum of contemporary art. In 2012 I dove into the freelance life, and I have since worked with a bunch of awesome people in the commercial and cultural sector.

My practice focuses on branding, editorial and print design, with a specialty in lettering and calligraphy. In an ever more automated and faster world, I value manual craft, tactility and the human touch in design. That's why I spend much of my time away from the computer, surrounded by pencils, brushes, paper and walls to write on.

Next to commissions I also create a lot of personal work, constantly exploring new visuals and techniques. Humor is an important factor in all this, following the mantra that life is too short (or too long) to not have a lot of fun.

Together with my partner in type eltipo, I form the letter-crazy collective Analphabetics.

CV and pdf with more work are available upon request.


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