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I am a lettering artist, graphic designer and muralist living and working in Antwerp, Belgium. After working as a generalist designer for a few years and being tired of sitting in front of a computer all day, I decided to specialise in lettering and calligraphy. I tend to combine analog and digital methods, and often describe my work as ‘body language of the written word’. Movement, humor and the human touch are major players in my process.

By now I have carved out my niche in the Antwerp creative scene, with a diverse portfolio ranging from visual identities and books over packaging to art installations and murals. Next to that I teach via workshops and lectures.

To connect with letterheads around the world I founded Antwerp Type Society, and I’m one half of the letter-crazy collective Analphabetics.

The Abraaj Group • Antwerpen Koekenstad • BBDO • M HKA • ArKaos • This Is Antwerp • Wunderman Thompson • Juttu • H ART • Kapaza! • Arenberg schouwburg • Jacqmotte • Café Costume • Q Music • Manhattn’s • Storesquare

2019 workshop & lecture, Unitec, Bogotá (CO)
2019 exhibition ‘Layer Cake’, Galerie Martin Van Blerk, Antwerpen (BE)
2019 jury LUCA, Gent (BE)
2018 workshop AP Hogeschool, Antwerpen (BE)
2018 workshop Boekenbeurs, Antwerpen (BE)
2018 workshop Creative Network, Antwerpen (BE)
2017 jury LUCA, Gent (BE)
2017 exhibition ‘Something’s Cooking’ (w/ Analphabetics), Hasselt (BE)
2017 workshop LUCA, Gent (BE)
2017 lecture Catena Zoomertrainingen, Antwerpen (BE)
2017 lecture TypeAmsterdam, Amsterdam (NL)
2015 workshop Academie Mol, BE


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