Studio Pieter Boels

A Temporary Futures Institute

Identity for M HKA's 2017 Spring/Summer exhibition. It attempts to turn the museum into a laboratory or studio, and brings together two contexts that have certain things in common: art and futures studies (also known as foresight). Everything is composed around the theory of 'four possible futures': 'continued growth', 'collapse', 'discipline' and 'transformation'.

Contrary to what one would expect from an exhibition about the future, almost no advanced technologies are featured at the show, and the human factor is the key element. To highlight this, I wrote the title and dates, as well as the names of all participating artists and futurists by hand. The semi-futuristic style was conceived using the constraints of a flat nib pen. To further expose the human touch (and imperfections), pencil marks and paper grid were deliberately left visible.

The identity included, among other things, posters, printed ads, a facade banner, a folded brochure, mediation tools inside the museum and social media assets.

The painting used in the printed campaign is Legend: A Temporary Futures Institute by Kasper Bosmans.